Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Could Troy Smith be hurting his trade value?

Troy Smith and his agent have made it clear that he wants out of Baltimore. The Ravens have made it clear they are willing to grant his wish by tendering him with the low tender. However, Smith and his agent may be doing him more harm than good by publicly expressing his desire to play for Cleveland. It is my opinion that Troy's insistance on playing in Cleveland is forcing other teams to steer clear of him. Think about it? What team is going to give up a draft pick, in what most experts call a deep draft, to take a chance on an unproven QB who has his heart set on playing for his hometown team?

1) If a team takes a chance on Smith and he becomes a successful starting NFL QB, there is always going to be the worry that he will bolt to play in Cleveland the first time he hits the market,

2) If a team takes a chance on him and he is relegated to backup duty, he might again began to express his desire to play in Cleveland, like he is doing now as a member of the Ravens.

I think Smith lobbying to be drafted by Cleveland played a small factor in his falling to almost the 6th round in the 2007 draft. And its going to be a reason that he doesnt get a chance to start in the NFL one day.

My advice to Troy Smith is this... If you REALLY want out of Baltimore, keep your mouth shut and tell your agent to do the same. Cleveland CLEARY does not want you. They had the chance to draft you in 07 and they choose Brady Quinn instead. They've had the opportunity to bring you in and sign you to an offer sheet, they opted to trade for Seneca Wallace. The Browns dont love you as much as you love them. Keep your options open and stop burning bridges before you cross them. If it is your dream to play for Cleveland thats fine but keep it to yourself, until the day comes when the Browns actually want you. Otherwise, you will be closing the door on opportunities elsewhere.

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