Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's Next?

Don’t you just love the NFL offseason? What’s not to love? All the trade rumors, contract posturing, new players coming into the league and 32 teams scrambling to improve their rosters in hopes of taking home the Vince Lombardi trophy for the upcoming season. It is truly entertaining. But since you asked…

One thing I do hate about the NFL offseason is that team’s weaknesses are overanalyzed by the media and fans. For the past two years it has been the wide receiver position for the Ravens. For almost a decade prior to 08, it was the quarterback position. In the early days of the franchise it was defensive help that the fans and the media clamored for during the offseason. All of the doom and gloom surrounding how bad (insert team) will be if they fail to fix (insert position), gets old after a while. Let’s be honest, no matter what a front office does there will always be a position on their team that needs to be upgraded. So, in an effort to talk about something new I am going to attempt to predict which positions each team’s fans and the media will be clamoring for them to fix next season, that is assuming they fix the issue that fans and the media are in an uproar about now. I will release these predictions as follows:

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